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Youth Knowledge, Skills, and Credentials

Providing youth with the knowledge, skills, and support necessary to reach their potential and pursue their dreams.

We want to create a pathway to success for all kids in Lane County. While this path may look different for many students, we know that all kids need the skills, confidence, and encouragement to find their place in the world after high school. Supporting programs and initiatives that foster positive youth development, mentorship, and career development is essential to making sure all kids succeed in life. We have a vision where all youth enter adult life with hope, purpose, and all the tools they need to be happy, healthy, productive members of the community; we see our community’s future in them, and we believe that future looks bright.


Proof in Numbers

Lane County Statistics

of Lane County high school students don’t graduate from high school on time (1)

of Lane County's 2014/15 12th grade students enrolled in college within 18 months of graduation. Of those, over 40% dropped out after their first year (2)


Studies show:

— Students who dropout are less likely find a job and earn a living wage, and more likely to suffer from a variety of adverse health outcomes. (3)

— Studies show that a higher number of students who dropout rely on public assistance, engage in crime than students who graduate. (4)



Youth Knowledge, Skills, and Credentials

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