Announcing New Partners and Over $1 Million in Investments for Kids and Families

New strategic focus will create long-lasting impact in Lane County

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United Way of Lane County is excited to announce it has selected 24 local initiatives to receive one-, two- and three-year grants totaling $2.6 million—in a collective effort to ensure children in Lane County are successful in school and life. These funds, donated by individuals and businesses across the county and administered by community volunteers, will specifically address four measurable outcomes around child and family success.

These awards are part of United Way’s new strategy to effect deeper and longer-lasting change. The new investment process includes making more focused awards of larger amounts, investing in collaborative, cross-sector partnerships, and supporting preventative “upstream” strategies to change the trajectory of challenging issues in the community.

“These awards are the culmination of two years of thoughtful development by the United Way Board of Directors. This is a truly community-driven endeavor and reflects United Way’s commitment to equity. Particular effort was made to invest in communities of color, rural communities, and families navigating poverty,” shares Noreen J. Dunnells, United Way of Lane County’s President and CEO.

Addressing Four Outcome Areas

Each of the grants will address one or more of United Way’s four priority outcome areas:

  1. Investments will ensure families are healthy and stable through helping vulnerable families access food, shelter, and health care;

  2. Investments will ensure children enter kindergarten ready to learn by supporting preschool and early childhood education programs and abuse prevention efforts;

  3. Investments will prepare children for success in elementary school, through providing physical, dental, and mental health care to low-income families;

  4. Investments will provide youth with the tools they need to reach their potential, by working to end youth homelessness and providing youth with support finishing high school or beginning a career.

Funded Partners & Initiatives

Overall, grants will be awarded to 24 initiatives, implemented by 33 different organizations, and engaging over 100 community partners. The three most substantial awards of $150,000 will fund multi-agency collaboratives working to address long-term initiatives over the next three years:

  • 15th Night School Mobilization Model (15th Night, Oregon Social Learning Center, local school districts)

  • Healthy Homes (Cornerstone Community Housing, Homes for Good, Youth Era, Oregon Family Support Network)

  • Latino & Immigrant Family Wellness Hub (Centro Latino Americano, Huerto de la Familia, Downtown Languages)

The additional 21 awards will fund individual organizations addressing the immediate needs of children and families over the next one to two years:

  • CASA Program Support (CASA)

  • South Lane Community Service Center (Community Sharing)

  • Increase Equitable Access to Preventative Pre/Post-Natal Care Programs (Daisy CHAIN)

  • Ensuring Positive Outcomes for Youth Experiencing Disability (Direction Service)

  • Emergency Food Box Program (Food for Lane County)

  • Economic Stability & Basic Needs Support (Junction City Local Aid)

  • Station 7 Emergency Youth Shelter (Looking Glass)

  • Operating Expenses (Mapleton Food Share)

  • Mapleton Community Preschool (Mapleton School District)

  • Rural Schools Partnership to Empower Youth (Ophelia’s Place)

  • Expanding KITS Program to All Kindergarteners in a Bethel Elementary School (Oregon Social Learning Center)

  • Specialized Preschool and Family Supports (Pearl Buck Center)

  • Therapeutic Early Childhood Program (Relief Nursery)

  • First Place Family Center (St. Vincent de Paul)

  • Family Shelter Unit Program (ShelterCare)

  • Oakridge Food Box (Upper Willamette CDC)

  • Operations FY19 (Volunteers in Medicine)

  • Dental Outreach in Middle Schools (White Bird Clinic)

  • Comprehensive Sex Education (Planned Parenthood)

  • Elevate Lane County (Connected Lane County)

  • School-Based Therapy Program (South Lane Mental Health)

“This cohort of grantees are proven change-makers in our community. We’re thrilled to support their efforts to collectively improve outcomes for children and families across Lane County,” shares Dr. Rick Kincade, United Way Board Chair.

There is a significant need in Lane County: join our efforts

Local nonprofits submitted over 100 applications requesting $4.5 million this grant cycle. Donors can support current and future grant awards by making contributions online, through workplace fundraising campaigns, or by contacting United Way directly at (541) 741-6000. Together, we can ensure all kids are successful in school and life.